Travelling During Holidays

Spanish Holidays

Spain has always been a favourite holiday destination and this dates back to the time when passenger flights became more affordable and well as available.

There are so many fantastic locations to choose from within the Spanish mainland and reaching out to the many islands.

Whether you are looking for a two week relaxing holiday in the sun there are resort towns in abundance, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella to name a few.

But if it’s a mini break or a weekend getaway you are after you can choose from some of the amazing cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao or Granada.


You have the choice to go skiing down the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, hiking in the Pyrenees or enjoy the folkloric cultural experience such as Flamenco in Seville and the bullfights of Pamplona.

Camping is also another option and you will find some of the best campsites in Europe dotted in and around the Spanish regions.

Although the currency of Spain is now the Euro you can still get a pretty good run for your money as the cost of eating out is still far cheaper than in the UK.

Restaurants and bars are in abundance since Spain is a social culture when family and conversation matter.

Despite the language barrier you will find that English is widely spoken especially along the coastal areas. Tourism is the largest business in Spain and the Spanish aim to please.

These days booking a holiday to Spain couldn’t be easier and there are hundreds of travel sites online offering some great deals.

You can book your holiday requirements altogether from the same site or shop around to get either accommodation or flights at a cheaper rate. All in all travelling to Spain doesn’t have to be expensive but the option is there however if you choose to go 5 star.

Travelling Around Europe

One of the beauties of travelling in and around Europe is the vast amount of different cultures you will come across.

Europe is without doubt the richest continent of them all when it comes to languages, architecture, cuisine and scenery.

Some of the most popular European locations include the coasts of Spain, Southern France, the Suisse Alps, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey and Portugal.

Of course one of the most important ingredients for a holiday amongst the Brits is that of Sunshine and there are many fantastic countries in Europe which offer this pretty much all year round.

Travelling to the various locations in Europe couldn’t be easier. For UK travellers there are cheap flights in abundance which depart from all the major airports on a daily basis.


In addition, the Euro tunnel has opened up the possibility to travel across the Channel on a high speed train. Ferries are also a popular option particularly when travelling to mainland Europe by car or coach.

As far as accommodation is concerned there are again plenty of options. The most popular choice continues to be a hotel but this is also dependent on the type of holiday you are planning to do.

Campsites are literally dotted across Europe as well as caravan parks. But there are also guest houses, villas, cottages, apartments and chalets for those who prefer to go self catering or plan to stay for an extended period of time.

Choosing where to go in Europe can be something of a dilemma as the choice of country as well as city is quite extensive.

With so many online travel agencies you are sure to find something that both appeals and is within your financial budget.